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One of the biggest driving factors to the change in modern leadership is the cultural make-up of the businesses. This cultural shift has produced new opportunities and a new set of requirements for leaders.

Increase Connection

Cultural differences are not always easy to distinguish. Many times, they are very subtle. An effective leader is able to identify these cultural differences and understand how they can impact performance.

Cultural Identity

We begin creating our cultural identity from the time we are born. As we grow and develop, we pick up identities based on the cultures we are raised in. Cultural awareness is based on being comfortable with different cultural identities.

Cultural Awareness: Part 1

Cultural competence has become one of the most critical skills for leaders to acquire. Cultural awareness training and skills increase employee engagement and help to bring teams together to increase effectiveness and productivity.

Cultural Awareness: Part 2

Mindset is a critical part of cultural awareness. When it comes to managing relationships across cultures, it is important to identify the mindset of the people you will be interacting with.

Cultural Awareness Part 3

While the tendency is to think of things from the standpoint of our own cultural values and beliefs, to be an effective leader, it is important to become more “others-oriented”.

Cultural Awareness Part 4

Cultural competence and intelligence will help leaders to feel relaxed and confident interacting with people from other cultures. Understanding the ways in which different cultures communicate and do business is an essential part of being a leader.

Aligning Reliable Language Testing To Improve Customer Satisfaction

One of the world’s telecommunications companies was having challenges with the customer satisfaction rates after working with their call centers.

Prioritizing Cultural Competence Enables Successful, Sustainable Change Management

To keep pace with a fast-changing global business environment, a major international food-and-beverage conglomerate created a company within its corporate structure.

Aligning Learning Assets With Competencies Helps Develop Next-Generation Global Leaders

With the goal of mapping its leadership competencies to learning and development assets, a large, multinational pharmaceutical company decided to embark on a new corporate initiative to measure its effectiveness in several areas, specifical

Shiseido: Making English The Official Company Language Removes Multinational Barriers

In January 2016, Shiseido transformed its corporate structure to a matrix-type global management configuration.

The Cultural Navigator: A Powerful Tool For Undergraduate And Graduate Students

Diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly important to today’s top businesses. As they expand even further around the globe, it is critical to both acknowledge and embrace others’ cultures in order to work together efficiently.

Building Improved Language Learning Programs To Meet Industry Specifications In Healthcare

The Ottawa Hospital is committed to providing world-class care and exceptional service to patients, educating future health-care professionals and developing and sharing research knowledge.

Shiseido: 3 Reasons We Chose Berlitz In Making English The Official Company Language

In order to increase presence as a “global beauty company from Japan”, Shiseido needed to actively promote improved communication throughout the company.

Comprehensive Cultural Training Elevates Customer Service, Enables New Program

A large, multi-national finance and credit card company is seeking new ways to increase their global business. As part of their offerings, the U.S.

The Berlitz Method

Significant research has been conducted on language learning effectiveness to identify the methods that enable people to truly learn and become proficient in a second language.

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