Instructor-led online language classes from Berlitz provide a truly unique learning experience by incorporating live, instructor-led classes within the online curriculum. Our online language courses combine the innovative, proven language learning techniques pioneered by Berlitz with a modern, customizable online learning portal to allow every student to get the most out of their course.

We also offer a self-paced online platform where students learn at their own pace independently and can also practice with an instructor.

All our online language classes incorporate the renowned Berlitz Method, the first-known immersive teaching method that has proven to be the fastest language learning method available.

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Our goal is to simplify the online language process for our students. We strive to make language learning accessible to anyone looking to increase their language capabilities. With this in mind, we designed our live online language classes to meet the expectations of our students, creating a simplified process that gives them the power to learn in a way that is best for them. At the same time, we incorporated the proven language learning methods we developed to provide the most comprehensive curriculum possible.

Learning a foreign language online with Berlitz is an entirely different experience than most other online language courses. One of the significant differences is you will always have access to live courses taught by an instructor. This human element of online language learning is at the core of our philosophy.

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