Language Simulation @ Berlitz Bahrain

Learning a language at Berlitz is all about speaking and practising the language. Classes always include everyday life situations and trainees are usually given scenarios to apply the language they’ve learnt in the classroom. Berlitz Bahrain has now decided to take the simulation to the next level.

Trainees will be given the opportunity to learn and practice the language in a more realistic and practical environment. Clients will be immersed in a scenario that resembles the environment where the specific language would be used, i.e.: travel agency, bank, shopping mall, shops, cafés, restaurants, etc. Each trainee will be assigned a specific role to make use of the language they have learnt.

Clients may also have the opportunity to go out and about with their instructor to practise their language. Offsite classes will now become a standard component of Berlitz language courses. They will go out in selected locations to be in a more realistic scenario to try out their newly learnt language.

Being outside of the classroom creates a more relaxed and informal environment, which helps students perform in a more rewarding way. Additionally, the support of real life objects enhances the learning experience, facilitating language retention from students.

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