Berlitz Experience Abroad

Berlitz Bahrain is thrilled to announce the start of a new initiative aimed at rewarding excellence among its clients.

The language and communication centre will select few of its highest performing cliens and will present them with a trip to one of the countries where they can practice the language they have learnt. Clients will be selected from the different language departments – English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Italian – based on their performance and level achieved.

To qualify for this initiative, trainees will have to complete 5 consecutive levels with a minimum grade of 75% in each Level Check.

The initiative reflects Berlitz’s commitment to its clients and to high standards of training within the organisation.

“This initiative aims at fortifying our clients’ achieved level of language and offers them a unique experience where they can apply the language in a real life environment.

This is what Berlitz is all about: using and practising a language. And what better experience than doing it with native speakers in the real world?” said Manaf Al Anni, Berlitz Director.