Berlitz Bahrain’s Soft Skills land at University of Bahrain.

Manama, November 2011 – After successful events at several professional societies, including BIBF (Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance), BSTD (Bahrain Society for Training and Development) and BSE (Bahrain Society of Engineers), the road show will make its next stop at the University of Bahrain on Monday 21st of December at 11 am.

The seminar is renewed every time, in order to show the opportunities Body Language and Non Verbal Communication can open up in different situation. The content and examples are adapted according to the audience’s needs and interests, to show how flexible a tool Non Verbal Communication is.

Taking a Body Language course will give trainees a competitive advantage in every aspect of their life. Being able to read people’s body language can help us detect lies, moods and feelings of people we deal with. This is very valuable information which allows us to better judge people around us and select the best way to approach them. On the other hand, mastering body language empowers people. Through several techniques individuals will be able to influence the people around them, for example by making their communication partner feel more relaxed.

This time the Seminar will take place at the University of Bahrain for an audience of students and Career consultants, focusing on how to impress interviewers through Body Language and Non Verbal Communication.

Through simulations, participants to the event will experience first-hand how being aware of Non Verbal Communication and being able to use it, can help people succeed in their professional lives. 

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